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To ProvideThe Highest Quality Services

Marvin Farms provides quality riding instruction for you and your family at all levels. We serve both the young rider [beginning at age seven (7) for riding instruction and age six (6) for vaulting instruction] and the adult rider (beginner to advanced). We pay special attention to those who are nervous about riding a horse for the first time or who have had negative experiences with horses in the past.

WE enjoy working with both beginners and adults who are returning to or starting to ride. Our vaulting programme is truly one-of-a-kind and an excellent way to learn to ride. It is a full-body workout!

All of our horses and ponies are extremely well cared for, are not overworked, and are NEVER rented to the general public, allowing them to keep their high level of training.

During the school year, riding lessons are mostly held on weekday afternoons, while vaulting practises are held on Monday afternoons.

Our riders learn in one (1) hour group lessons or one (1) hour private lessons (due to ground work requirements, the lessons usually last approximately 112 hours). We teach and expose our students to all aspects of horse care and stable care, as well as hunt seat equitation, jumping, trail riding, training principles, games, drill team, and vaulting.

We provide all needed safety equipment / attire including boots and helmets!


Lesson Payments – Lesson fees must be paid at the start of each month. To Marvin Farms, please make all checks payable.

A $20.00 FEE will be charged on ALL RETURNED CHECKS

Weather – Lessons are rarely postponed. If the weather makes riding impossible or if it gets nasty once you arrive, a ground lesson will be given under cover for the duration of the lesson or for the remaining time. The time will be well spent because there is so much more to learn than just how to ride. Inclement weather incurs the same cost as riding.

Cancellations – Twenty-four (24) hour notice Lesson cancellations must be made with twenty-four (24) hours’ notice, or the lesson fee is due on the day of the next planned lesson. The next new student may be obliged to take the student’s spot on a first-come, first-ride basis if the student misses three (3) lessons in a row and has not made arrangements with Marvin Farms management to hold their lesson slot open for them.


$50.00 per lesson for one (1) hour group.

$90.00 per lesson for one (1) hour private/ $60 semi-private.

Competitive Trail Rides and Over Night Rides and Shows

  • Rider pays all registration and class fees and Rider’s personal expenses.
  • Rider pays a fee of $80.00 for horse and tack use, transportation of horse to and from the ride and coaching at ride.  
  • Additional fees will be assessed with trailering over 50 miles from the farm.





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